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Victoria originally came to Happy Cats as a kitten with her brother. They were found in a lumber yard in Florrisant, CO.

Adopted as kittens, they were later found abandoned when their people were transferred from Ft. Carson. Land of Ahs contacted us through their microchips so they could be retrieved and adopted out again. Unfortunately, this new home didn’t work out for Victoria, who ended up being bullied by her brother. After some time, she was brought back to Happy Cats yet again.

This time, however, Victoria (aka Tori) found a nice young couple here at The Haven to give her a forever home and a new friend, a young cat they named Rajah! They love her and love the fact she’s a talkative and sweet girl.

Tori loves the belly rubs, sitting in the sun, and lounging with her adopted sibling, Rajah, on the kitchen chairs. She has taken a motherly role over her younger adopted sibling. They have bonded well and they love to groom each other. When the couple moved into a new home, Tori has also become more outgoing. This is likely because she knows she is finally “home”.

Despite a scary journey from the wild nature of the Colorado Mountains to abandonment at an Army post to a home that was not yet her best match, Tori is a success story that makes all our our hearts feel good about the hard work put into each cat. We are here for their entire lives and Victoria is just one example of the dedication our staff and volunteers have towards these cats!

Three cheers for Victoria!


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  • Cheryl

    So glad that Tori and Rajah found their forever home! They are very lucky kitties!

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