Shelby & Charlie get catified

Shelby and Charlie came from a home with too many cats. It started with a few too many cats but took only a couple of years of not getting the cats fixed to get to this stage.

As a bigger male, Charlie was probably one of the healthier cats, as he was large enough to get what he needed.

Shelby was fairly petite, compared to him. We didn’t know for sure, but it appeared they were siblings. He was a little more confident than her as well.

Along came Kati, who had never had cats before. She was very willing to learn, though! She set them up in their safe room, which was especially good for these two, as they needed quite a bit of time to get used to their luxurious new surroundings.

Soon she had found someone to catify their room. She was willing to take the chance that they would love it…and of course, they did! Her shelves provided just the kitty highway they needed to feel even more safe. Even better, they made it a living work of art.

We’re so glad these two beautiful siblings got to stay together forever!