Marcy relaxed

Marcy is a beautiful tabby lady with big green eyes. She was abandoned and made her way to a local business, where some nice people fed her. She had kittens, of course, but they all disappeared. When they realized she was about to have kittens the next year, they brought her inside and called Happy Cats.

She was a wonderful mom to her babies, very watchful and loving. She really loved people, but because of all the trauma she went through trying to stay alive before she was rescued, it took her a while to trust again.

She spent most of her time away from the other cats in the colony, either up on the catwalk or tucked into a cube.

At her first home, she got frightened by a worker and made her way out of the safe room up into the ceiling, where she stayed for many days. Her people finally got her beck into her room, but then came the 4th of July and fireworks. She was still so scared she hid in the closet and became their Statue Cat, too frightened to move or eat unless her people weren’t there.

The next time she was adopted, she went to a nice man with a sweet cat and dog. That’s when we learned she was still in Mama Bear mode, unable to stop feeling like she had to defend herself with his animals. Those skills had helped her survive on the street, but weren’t working at her new home.

So we tried again…and so did she. She went home with a nice couple with no children or other animals. Now called Marcy, her new guardians say, “Marcy settled into her new home within 24 hours. She is peaceful, happy safe and a trusting companion.”

We believe the right home for the right cat is out there and we keep trying until we find it. Thank you for giving this sweet lady another chance at love!