Josie’s smiling now 2

Catolescent Josie was rescued with her sisters from being abandoned outdoors as kittens, in great danger of having kittens themselves. Her sisters weren’t mean, but shy Josie was often left behind.

She also went through the TNR program, so she wears the TNR badge of courage on her tipped left ear.

We knew that it would take just the right family to bring out Josie’s best.

Scott had adopted Teeny when she showed up at his door as a kitten, already eartipped but clearly not a feral. His senior cat Tigerlilly took her in, becoming the mother she needed at the time. In fact, she was a supreme cuddler, both to Scott and Tiger, sleeping in a kitty pile on top of Tiger, even when she wasn’t teeny any more.

When Tiger passed, Scott tried other cat friends but they couldn’t handle Teeny’s level of affection. That often included sitting on them to groom them…or else!

Scott was going to be gone long hours for work and was concerned for Teeny. We suggested shy Josie, who at least was used to her more confident sisters not giving her much space.

After a bit of complaining in just a few short days, Teeny had taken on the role of big sister, cleaning Josie’s ears and showing her around.

In turn, Josie immediately found all the toys in the house and got Teeny playing again, zipping around and bringing fresh energy to Scott’s home.

At the end of the day, these two tipped-ear kitties snuggle in a pile just like Teeny did with Tiger. Josie’s happy face tells us she is the perfect cat for Teeny…and Scott!

2 thoughts on “Josie’s smiling now

  • Lisa Ayres

    Such a lovely, happy story. All of my cats have been strays I rescued over the years They don’t always get along as nicely as Josie and Teeny. Right now I have a beautiful, affectionate senior kitty. We just moved in February. Neighbors tell me there are lots of ferals here. One little black kitty came to my porch last night. I am on disability, can’t afford another cat. Not sure what to do. Would like to help with TNR, but I can’t afford to feed allot of strays like I used to. Does the Haven provide traps? And would I then be responsible for taking care of them? What happens in winter? Please advise. Thanks so much for all you do. I have loved and cared for many cats my whole life. The plight of abandoned cats is enormous. I believe TNR is the best solution and want to be involved when weather cools off.
    Best regards, Lisa Ayres

    • Sara

      Hi Lisa, We’ve given your number to our TNR Coordinator, Barb Jones. She will be in touch with you about how to help your neighborhood cats with our TNRCare Program. Thank you for being willing to help!

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