Gracie & Frankie survive

Last winter, a manager at a public storage company was working in the units when he heard a faint cry. When he went to investigate, he found two catolescents. Their people had packed up their belongings days before and left the kittens behind in the empty unit.

Fortunately, he contacted Happy Cats friend Matt, who is also a manager. He brought them home to his mom Mandy, one of our volunteers. They were very hungry and thirsty and so happy to be safe, warm and fed again.

By the next day, they were at one of our loving foster homes, with Gracie holding onto brother Frankie for dear life, the last of everything they knew and loved.

It didn’t take long before they had made themselves at home, however, including with the foster family’s animals. Frankie quickly made friends with Adam, the family greyhound, and both were welcomed by cats Romeo and Juliet.

As former foster mom Stephanie says, “They were part of the family pretty much from the second week they were here. Gracie is a little tomboy who loves to purr, eat and snuggle. Frankie loves to wrestle with whoever he can and lay as close to my face as he possibly can at every opportunity. They’re truly precious.”

Gracie still holds down Frankie for regular ear cleaning sessions, holding onto her brother…even though she never has to worry about being abandoned again!