Frankie: A Healthy and Happy FIV+ Kitty

Frankie came to Happy Cats Haven just after the New Year 2018 when his cat mom could no longer care for him. She really did not want to surrender him as she very much loved him.

The shelter staff and volunteers fell in love with him immediately. He has such a sweet and gentle personality we all knew how much he was cared for.

As with all cats in our care, they are tested for FIV and he did come up positive with the virus (click here to learn more about FIV). Many people are reluctant to adopt a cat with this virus which is completely manageable and with the right nutrition, biannual vet visits, and lower stress environments, cats with FIV can live a very long and happy life.

In February, Frankie found his forever family and his cat-parents report that he is happy, talkative, and loves to play (supervised) on their porch. He runs to the door when they arrive and wags his tail with anticipation of some love and skritches. Not surprising in the least as he’s a pretty cool feline!

He has obviously adjusted well in his new family and his people are in love with him. He even did fabulous at his most recent veterinary visit and the vet staff fell in love with him too.

No matter how the cats come into our facility and no matter their health status, Happy Cats Haven works hard to find the right homes for each of them. Frankie will soon be making a move across the country and we wish him well in his new surroundings!

It appears as he’s ready to help with the big move. Travel safe Frankie and family!