Murray Lasagna and DaVinci

Murray & DaVinciMurray Lasagna Nelson

Murray, formerly Lasagna, has been with us since early October. We have 3 other cats in our home and read books about how to help everybody get along better before adopting Mr. Murray. So, he had his own “safe room” in our office for the first week. He would have his dinner inside the room and we would feed DaVinci, our other male cat, outside the French doors. They could see and smell each other. Even so, no one was extremely friendly to Murray once he ventured out of the office. Lately though, two of the other cats are starting to be nicer to him! Here is a picture of Murray on the same cat tree with DaVinci. No fighting, just a little staring. And just moments ago, Murray was face to face with our dominant female, Rosie, and they both sniffed a bit and then walked away. Yay for Murray! We love him!

Laura Nelson