Zoey & Lumi

Zoey and Lumi came to one of our wonderful foster families as small, shy kittens. They blossomed there, turning into little lovers with a gentle touch and quiet environment.

Then came Happy Cats. They’ve adapted well, but are the last ones to come out when it’s busy with people. Once it gets quiet again, though, they shyly come around for headbonks and purrs.

They both know their names and start purring immediately once you start talking to them. They also tend to get overlooked just because they’re black. They are sweet girls who just need a loving, gentle place to land so they can blossom.

If you have special cat skills and room in your home and heart for them both, they would love to meet you! If not, please share to help give them their best Christmas ever with their forever family!

You can find out more on them here: