Would you date this man?

“The STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard…”

“I call b.s.”


“SO not true.”


These are some reactions to headlines like Your Cat Might Be Hurting Your Dating Life and Girls Don’t Want to Date Men with Cats that are flooding the news.

When we looked closely, there was a sneaky little sentence in most of the articles:

It is important to note that these findings were influenced by whether the female viewer self-identified as a ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ person…

That sent us behind the headlines to look at the actual research.

What the news isn’t telling you is that of the 708 women surveyed, almost 48% self-identified as a “dog person,” almost 24% were “both,” almost 10% were “neither,” but only 19% called themselves a “cat person.”

As one reader put it, “Let’s ask people who hate sushi if they would hate going to a sushi restaurant.”

Considering that, the only thing that’s surprising is that the percentage of women who would date a man with a cat ONLY dropped about 5%.

That’s also surprising, considering the two choices the women were given:

So was it the “blue button-down shirt” or the awwwkward grin that made them think, “Hey now that’s a guy who makes me wanna swipe right!” Not to mention the possibility that Gentleman #2 has probably never held a cat in his life.

In reality, cat owners are estimated to be closer to 40% of pet owners than this survey’s 19%. Unfortunately, this isn’t just an amusing story in times of serious social isolation and economic insecurity.

A news story that throws gas on the myth that people who like cats are less desirable contributes directly to human decisions about cats.

People who fear being labeled this way are often the first to neglect, abuse or abandon cats in their spheres. We know. We hear the stories and have rescued the cats to prove it.

Look, all we’re saying is give the real Cat Daddies a chance. Please give those of us who love them some wider choices, a proportionate voice in responding and see where the research leads.

It might be somewhere like this…

There. That better?