TNRCares Program Saves 29 Cats

Our latest, and ongoing, TNR adventure truly points up the critical need for this program, as well as how collaboration between rescues produces outstanding results.
Recently, we received a call from a local hotel manager who let us know that there were at least 30 cats and kittens who had taken up residence in the parking lot. Our TNR Coordinator made a site visit and confirmed that there was a large colony with several kittens. Working in the rain and cold, Barb and her TNR team spent hours setting and
monitoring traps at the location.
Their efforts resulted in 19 cats and 10 kittens trapped over the past few weeks. It was a just-in-time rescue, with more cold weather and snow on the way. The kittens all had eyes matted closed, and developing upper respiratory infections.
Our foster families went into overdrive too, spending long hours gently cleaning and medicating the kittens until their eyes were open again and their URIs were under control. They are now snug and safe in their foster homes, growing strong and healthy and ready for adoption soon.
Since the colony was in a targeted zip code, we were able to bring the 19 adults to HSPPR to have them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Thanks, HSPPR, for being a great TNR partner! The adults will be returned to a colony nearby the hotel to live safely and to do their part to keep the population controlled.
Currently, and with more wet weather on the way, Barb and her TNR team are working to trap the remaining  cats and kittens and create a safer life for all of them.
If you want to help with the spay and neuter costs of these kittens or support our TNRCares program, please donate to our Beat the Heat fund! Every dollar helps us fund the spays and neuters needed to prevent more cats and kittens from needless suffering like this.
There are other ways to help, from donating food for community cats to volunteering to donations for traps and other supplies. Contact us at 719-362-4600 if you’d like to volunteer!