Tink & Bella need you!

Meet Tink & Bella, our loving senior siblings who need a home for the holidays! Both are full of purrs and want nothing more than to be your most favorite lap and cuddle buddies.

They were adopted in 2013 and spent many happy years at home. They had to be returned this year because their person could no longer care for them.

They have been living in our office, doting on Charleen and giving her constant purr therapy.

We had them in for a checkup and were told that sweet Bella has a mass in her abdomen. She will need surgery to find out if it’s operable.

Big Tink is super loving but has an ongoing allergy issue. We tried a special diet but he needs help from the animal allergist.

We are grateful to our friends at Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique for their sponsorship of Bella and Tink’s medical care. Thanks to them, they will both be able to see the specialists they need.

Bella and Tink will heal best if they know they’re loved and cared for in a home, especially with their upcoming appointments and longterm care. They would love a foster family who could give them this comfort, even if only for a month or two. As always with our fosters, we provide all medical care, food, litter and behavioral support they need.

If you can give Bella and Tink this gift, please call us at 719-362-4600 or tap here to send in a Foster Application.

Thank you for your big hearts and love for the kitties!