Talk to the Animals: Sky Heartsong

Animals have opinions about everything in their lives!

Happy Cats is hosting a special event with Sky Heartsong, Animal Communicator, on Sunday, September 15th. This is a benefit for our cats and kittens…and a fun opportunity for you!

Through Sky, individuals can ask their animal’s likes & dislikes on a plethora of subjects: people, animals their animals know, fit of harnesses/collars, activities, behavior issues, events in their past, etc. You can also tell your animal things like upcoming vet procedures, vacations, etc.

Sky will connect telepathically with your animal — living animals or animals in Spirit. You ask Sky a question, or tell her something to tell your animal, and she will act as a medium between the two of you.

The information comes through to Sky as images, feelings, intuitive impressions, and also words. Animals don’t speak English per se, but that is the way the information often comes through. In addition to the things you ask about, other topics are likely to come up as well.

Sky has talked to thousands of animals since she started dong animal communication in 1999. Sky has clients in 46 states and countries around the world.

For your animals, knowing that you care enough to talk to them in a different way, that you’re making efforts to understand them better, is really appreciated!

How does it work?

  • You can talk to any species of animal — both living animals and those in Spirit
  • You can talk to more than one animal but within in the 20 minute time frame (come with questions written down to help with time)
  • Bring photos of the animal you wish to speak to (on your phone or hard copy)
  • Please limit to a maximum of TWO sessions per person, unless space warrants

WHERE: Happy Cats Haven, 327 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs

WHEN: Sunday, September 15th from 11 am to 4 pm

HOW: Click here reserve your session!