Rainbow Purrsonality Scale

Anyone who has ever had more than one cat knows that they can be very choosy about their roommates.

Even if a cat has lived with other cats, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to share. Cats are very connected to their territory and resources. This includes their space and also their sleeping areas and toys and food and most importantly, their people!

At Happy Cats Haven, we work very hard to try to match cat personalities. In reality, most cats are more complex than this, but here is a simple scale to get the conversation started when fitting a new cat into your current family.

The biggest thing to remember is that mixing a Wallflower with a Party Animal can result in bullying. The cats in the middle (Secret Valentine, Snuggle Bunny & Social Secretary) usually work best for cats on either end.

The Cat’s Cat and Aristocat personalities sit slightly outside the main rainbow, as they either bond best with any other cat or no cat at all.

    You may not see much of me, but I’ll keep a watchful eye on everyone in your house. I tend to keep to myself so your secrets are safe with me. You might have to go a little slowly to earn my trust but I promise I’m worth it.


    I may need a little time to warm up, but once I get to know you, I’ll be there for you. When you need a little space, I can entertain myself. But give me some one-on-one time and I’ve got my best purrs and headbonks saved just for you.


    Wanted: snuggles, chin scratches, and a loving human to go with them. If you’re looking for someone to share purrs and warm laps with, I’m your cat. Let me show you how loving I can be!


    Like all your buddies, I’m just plain good company. I love to help with whatever you need, wherever you need me. I’m just the cat to help make your world run even better and I’ll throw in some snuggles and purrs for free.


    You can tell me by the lampshade on my head. It only got there because I saw a bug on the light, I tell ya! I work hard to make you smile with my purrs and laugh with my antics, but I can slow down and cuddle with the best of them.



    I’m the one who greets all the other cats with nose kisses and tail hugs. I’m not so big on humans but would probably bond to a favorite one if you give me some affection. If you want a cat to make your cat happy, I’d be a great addition to your family.


    I’m a human who accidentally ended up in a cat’s body, but I’m making the best of it. Frankly, other cats just can’t compete. It’s people I’m saving my best side for! Give me a room full of humans and I’ll make myself the center of attention. If you’re a socialite too, I’ll be your perfect cat.