Thank you, Planet Happy Cat donors!

Deep, rumbly purrs to everyone who contributed to our capital campaign for our new building, Planet Happy Cat! As of March 2020, we only have about $30,000 to go in order to finish Phase 3 and the second story, with its light-filled colonies and catios.

We still have a few naming opportunities left, including one colony, 2 catios and several garden trees. Our sculptural, curving Purrflection Garden walls will be home to all the memorial plaques to come, helping us complete the project.

We are applying for grants for the final push. Please click here if you can help us  or call us at 719-362-4600 for more information!

Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Rosalie Anderson
Joe Brock
Joanie & Skip Mooney
Patricia & Tom Radcliffe
Vickie & Gaylord Smith
Nikole & Nick Zavatti
Charles Amos
Sue & Dave Cattoor
Barbara & Chris Grossman
Diane & Doug Kathol
Janet Rose
Christine Thirion
Betsy & Chris Miller
Lisa & Pudge Pibal
Karla & Spencer Siemens
Tara Alexander
Dana Costa
Lindsey Jensen
Rachel Beisel
Robin Boutilier
Audra Martin
Lana Rollins
Sara & Ray Ferguson
Brian Kintz
Elizabeth Rebman
Carlos Bonilla
Chris Cook
Patricia Fury
Donna M Sinn
Tania Wells
Angela Edwards
Whitney Lewis
Manitou Springs Real Estate
Debra & Jeff Evans
Frederica Thrash
Eileen Derry
Robbi Hatch
Janice & Alan Obye
Sherrill Reid
Annie Lord
Lynn Harrison & Sam Marsh
Joyce & Byron Wolf
Shirley Wade
Sally Gaines
Linda Counter
Joyce Dearing
Barbara Merrigan
Sally Fitzgerald
Janie Acord
Charlotte Amant
Cori Magnusson
Natalie Johnson
Maurie Campbell
Jim & Laura Hadley
Joan & John Leach
Beverly Bright
Jodie Marsh
Maria & Josh Williams
Karen Buss
Sophia Banks
Lori Mohr
Jennifer Mapes
Kari Nygaard
Shawn Brown
Heather Rainey
Janet & Jerry Fritz
Susan Broz
Sara Macone
Shari Henry
Angela Godsey
Amanda Carpenter
Pamela Maggio
Chuck Miller
Evelyn Valentini
Sara & Ray Ferguson
Mandy Kruse
Jill Scott
Vanessa Young
Aura Saitta Lombardini
Cinzia Rothrock
Georgia Rostirolla
Karen Mashek
Laura Aguirre
Mitchell Martin
Krystal Miller
Trish Wickham
Steven & Maureen Anderson
RJ & LC Furlong
William Stevenson
Dan & Ann Koenigsman
Sharon & William Daughton
Yvonne Zimmerman
Leona & James Smith
Glynn & Sheila Reese
Sandra Smith
G. Ippolito
Geraldine & Billy McGinnis
Bob & Kris Magnusson
Megan Beute
Linda Smith
Kristine Milligan
Sharon Parmentier & Rick McDonald
Susi Holmes Motterle
Mary & Matt Ernst
Mary Likes
Patricia Fury
Deborah L Douglas
Gene Barcelona
Alex S
Kelly Baker
Lori Young
Maureen Anderson
Amelia Iglesias
Elissa Harman
Patrick & Heather Holloman
Vera Brazo
Kim Grothaus
Carolyn Swingley
Caleb Andrus
Kathy Pageler
Raelee Eicke
Anne Solomon-Buckner
Alicia Williams
Judith & George Ehnert
Stephanie Delgesso
Robyn Firth
Diana Beatty
Regina Guccione
Cindy Derksen
Jennifer Emmett
Annie Lord
Sylvia Argilla
Melissa Bell
Symone Kinnamore
Julianna Lownsdale
Jill Martin
Janice Netzer
Kate Scheer
Cody Rilo
Joseph Reininger
Donald Zupanec
Amy Brooks
Carolyn Williams
Tyler & Jessica Stuart
Jacqui Magyar
Lori Goldman
Diana Gruenler
Kimberly & Jim Sisneros
Blazer Electric Supply
Freda Hambrick Fund
Lane Foundation
PetSmart Charities

And headbonks & purrs from all our happy cats & kittens too!