Planet Happy Cat: Phase 3

We have officially moved into our new building at 327 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs!

Our new home is full of sunny, cozy spots that are as welcoming to our Happy Cats family as they are for our cats, with kitty therapy and love for everyone.

This is the final stretch of our construction, with another whole story full of cozy colonies…and sunny catios!

Our second story means we will double the number of cats & kittens we can save!

Through September 30th, your gift could be doubled! A generous $20,000 offer from the Mooneys and the Costas will turn every dollar donated into two!

Please go to to help us bring this fundraising home!

If you can’t donate, please consider volunteering. We will need double the number of volunteers to care for double the number of cats.

With thousands of cats and kittens in their forever homes thanks to the good work we do, we know you have faith in us. Big purrs to you for believing in this dream that is already changing so many lives–feline and human alike!