Odin & Elvis!

Odin has a big breakthrough to announce…he has a new BFF!

He is staying with one of our wonderful foster families now, giving him a small vacation from the Haven. He settled in well to home life!

While he’s there, we decided to see if we could find him a friend.

We settled on young Elvis, an outgoing catolescent who could always be found snuggling with other cats and kittens. We knew that made him a Cat’s Cat, so we thought he’d be respectful of Odin.

Odin was a little unsure at first.

We tried to go slowly, but Elvis had other plans, breaking through the gate to get to Odin!

Odin had not been with another cat since he was a kitten, so it took some getting used to Elvis. But Elvis turned out to be the purrfect match: playful yet respectful, companionable without being clingy.

Sure enough, they’ve become BFFs! We’d love to see them go home together, if you have a consistent home without other animals or small children, and room in your heart for two playful young cats.

Please tap here for more info on each of these new best buds!