It’s a no-brainer to keep your cats inside in an area full of predators like coyotes, raccoons and free-roaming dogs. However, we do support outside time for your cat if it’s safe and supervised. Here are some resources for that.

How to walk your cat on a leash: Cats are not born knowing how to do this! It’s a behavior that needs to be taught. From our feline behavior consultant, Melissa Shandley, great instructions for how to make this a happy experience.

Catio Help: We highly recommend giving your cat fresh air and sunshine by building your cat a safe outdoor enclosure.

Outdoor Enclosure Examples from Jackson Galaxy

Spoil Your Cat Rotten with a Catio from the Animal Rescue Site

Purrfect Fence

The Cat’s Den

My Pet Enclosures

C&D Pet Products

Safe Cat Enclosures

Cats On Deck

How to help care for our community cats.

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One thought on “12 tips for getting your cat in a carrier

  • Lynda Mortensen

    Tip from my Vet Tech daughter, which has really helped lots of people is to place the carrier with the door open on a counter top, with the opening at the edge. The cat has no choice but to go into the carrier. Keeping the carrier open and covered in a quiet place in the home constantly allows the carrier to become a hiding place/sanctuary rather than just getting it out for stressful vet visits.