As a rule, we support gentle grooming techniques at home where your cat is most comfortable. Yes, you can teach your kitty to not only tolerate but enjoy simple grooming such as brushing and claw clipping. Clicker training can help with this.

Conventional grooming must be one of the most terrifying experiences a cat can have: first the car ride, then barking dogs, noisy clippers and blow dryers (never forget a cat’s hearing is 60% higher than ours and 30% higher than our dog friends) and of course, water. Then when it’s all done, the cat is usually left with unwanted smells in their fur not only prolong their stress but can make them scary to other cats in your home and cause multi-cat aggression.

However, if your cat is longhaired and is past the point where you can deal with the mats effectively, we recommend groomers who handle cats only or at least separately. If the grooming “salon” you’re considering doesn’t acknowledge that cat needs are different from their dog clients, you’re setting your cat up for terror.

Fortunately, here in Colorado Springs we have an excellent cat-only groomer: Catology Cat Hotel & Grooming. Owner Shannan Longley and her team are committed to giving their kitty clients the lowest-stress experience possible. Call them at 719-602-6081 or tap here for more information.

And don’t forget to visit our Happy Cats who are generously allowed to stay there while they find their furever families!

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