Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Happy Cats different from other shelters?
Your cats are safe here so why shouldn't I adopt a cat who might die at a regular shelter?
My cat got out and hasn't come home! What should I do?
I don't want my cat to scratch my new leather sofa. Why shouldn't I just have him declawed?
My cat did great in her Safe Room but is now hiding a lot. Can I move her back?
I just found out I'm allergic to my cat! Is there anything I can do so I can keep him?
Why are your kittens so expensive?
Why did my cat stop using the litter box?
I've heard I should have a litterbox for each cat plus one extra. Why can't they share?
How often should I clean my cat's litterbox?itle
I'm expecting a baby and want my cat to like him. Can I do anything for that?
I have a dog but would like a cat too. Can cats and dogs ever get along?
Why don't you ever have free adoptions like other shelters?
My cat is terrified of the vet and I just hate taking him there. Is there anything I can do for that?
What should I feed my cat?
Why have a cat-only shelter?
Why do I have to make an appointment to surrender my cat?
What can I do to help?
Please visit our Help Us page to volunteer or donate. Most of us are volunteers too, so thanks from all of us!

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