Please note we are no longer updating this list as of 2020. You can see this article for recommendations for ingredients.

This list has pros and cons for different types of cat food. Please read all cat food ingredients carefully to make the best decision for your own circumstances.

Beechnut baby food in turkey or chicken flavors
This is pure protein in a form that most cats really love. They usually have to be taught to eat it off a spoon, though, and some cats may be afraid of the spoon itself. Available at Wal-Mart.

Homemade tuna jerky
You can use your own favorite tuna for this, though we recommend water pack unsalted fish. It freezes well and can be broken into bits.

Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonita Flakes
Some cats go totally nuts for these treats. They add virtually no calories and are fairly easy to deliver. Available in our Happy Cats Shop.

Whole Life Freeze Dried Treats
This is a large line of meat only treats, including chicken, chicken liver, turkey, cod and salmon. Available at the Pet Health Store.

PureBites Cat Treats
These are freeze dried treats with a single protein source. They are fairly soft and breakable. The beef liver version may tempt cats who don’t usually like treats. Available at the Pet Health Store.

Origen Freeze Dried Cat Treats
These are meat only treats, very soft and easy to break into small bits for training. Only the Original flavor in Cat Treats is species-appropriate prey. However, their dog line has a Free Run Duck that cats also like. Available at the Pet Health Store.

ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats
Real meat with only chicory and parsley. However, the sources are lamb and venison, not a cat’s natural prey.

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