Kitty Kindergarten

If a puppy can go to KINDERGARTEN, why can’t I?

How would you like the kitten you just adopted to grow up to be a happy, adaptable, outgoing cat?

Just like puppies, kittens do their best with socializing and training. Their first few months of life are extremely important to helping you raise a well-adjusted, confident and affectionate cat who will be your Best Feline Friend ever!



Kitty Kindergarten saves lives!

The 4 most common reasons a cat is abandoned are litter box issues, not getting along with other pets, scratching where you don’t want and grooming problems.

Kittens 4 months and under are the most open to learning. In one fun session, we can teach you, your family and your kitten the skills you need to avoid problems later.

Your kitten will learn:

How to be a social butterfly instead of a scaredy cat
How to enjoy petting & handling for trim nails & beautiful fur
How to enjoy a lifetime of play so you don’t have a bored, fat cat
How to always go inside the box
How to scratch where you want to keep you & your furniture happy

You & your family will learn:

What your kitten is trying to tell you
How to make visits to the vet fun instead of fearful
How to have a more lovable cat with play, training & tricks
How to help your kitten stay healthy & happy its whole life
WHO: Kittens 4 months & under with proof of vaccination…& their families
OR new adopters without kittens (we can loan you one)

Go to the Events page to find a class or call 719-362-4600 for more information.