Heritage Safekeepers

Nobody wants to think about the unthinkable: something happens to us, and our cat won’t be taken care of. As responsible cat parents, we owe it to our cats to think ahead and make arrangements for our cats’ care after we’re gone.

The Heritage Safekeepers option allows HCH to serve as temporary caregiver for your cats in the event of your death. If you adopted your cats from HCH, they may be returned to us at any time, as is our policy with all HCH adoptions.

If you did not adopt your cats from HCH, they may still be surrendered to us. In this case, HCH would be most appreciative of a gift to support the work of our shelter. Such a gift can be made as part of your estate plan and an appropriate amount can be determined in consultation with the HCH staff.

In either case, a Safekeepers Designation Form must be completed to participate in this option.

Your cats will be brought to our shelter by one of our compassionate staff members or volunteers. They will then be given a physical exam. Depending on the situation, your cats will be placed in one of our loving foster homes or kept at the shelter for better exposure to adopting families.

Cats taken in through our Safekeepers option will be made available for adoption through our regular adoption program with the requirement that if the cats do not adapt to their new surroundings, they will be returned only to HCH. To participate in this option, a Safekeepers Designation Form must be on file for each cat.

Rest assured that your cats will receive the best care and affection from our experienced staff and volunteers during their stay.

The Heritage Program provides ways to support our mission as well as a way to ensure your cat is cared for if he or she outlives you. If you do not find an option in our Heritage Program which suits your wishes or needs, please contact us at 719-362-4600 to see if a customized option might be developed for you. Our tax ID# is 45-1633134.