Feline Fosters

Did you know that over 80% of all cats born in the US are born outside? Trying to survive on the street is very traumatizing to most cats and kittens.

Our foster families help us turn frightened kitties into lifelong Happy Cats! We always need people who can take them into their homes…and into their hearts.

Fostering can be the perfect answer for many situations:

  • Families who want the joy of kittens without adding to our region’s feline overpopulation problem
  • Students or military families who want a temporary cat companion
  • Seniors who want a best feline friend without a longterm commitment
  • Families where one member is allergic, but the rest want a kitty companion

We provide the resources (including food, litter and vet care) and ask only that you provide a safe space, time and love.

If you have an extra room and a few extra hours a day, you can help a needy kitten or cat make a successful transition.

Pining for kittens?

Kittens have about a 4-month window to be socialized to grow up to be the kind of cat who doesn’t end up in a shelter: friendly, well-mannered and loving.

Teaching a child how to meet the needs of animals and how to read their body language increases empathy and patience. You’ll have tons of fun and  feel great about saving these little lives instead of adding to the problem of feline overpopulation!

Grownup cats need love too

Sometimes we take in cats who are adoptable but  need a little “vacation” from Happy Cats in order to stay happy. Others may need some extra behavioral work in order to really shine when they come into our colonies. Welcoming one of these cats into your home can be just as rewarding as having kittens.

Please fill out our Foster Volunteer Application or contact us at 719-362-4600 if you have an interest in becoming a Feline Foster.

Tap here for our Foster Handbook.