Cat Guardian Angels

Our Happy Cats are looking for their Guardian Angels! For the cost of a monthly latte, you can make sure a litter of kittens gets food for a month, a cat or kitten gets fixed, a senior gets a dental or a colony stays warm. Your recurring gift helps us pay for these everyday expenses.

To become a Guardian Angel, tap here for our Colorado Gives portal. Check off Recurring and go to Donation Details to choose the Guardian Angel Program from the menu.

We celebrate our Guardian Angels here! You will also be recognized in our annual report unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

We want to help you celebrate Happy Cats and all that we do! Guardian Angel Partnerships are available at 4 annual levels with the following thank-yous:

Platinum Angel – $1200/year

  • HCH limited edition branded item
  • 50% off Happy Cat shop items
  • 50% off qualified adoptions
  • Cat toy

Gold Angel – $600/year

  • HCH branded item
  • 25% off Happy Cat shop items
  • 25% off qualified adoptions
  • Cat toy

Silver Angel – $120/year

  • HCH ornament
  • 10% off Happy Cat shop items
  • Cat toy

Bronze Angel – $60/year

  • 10% off Happy Cat shop items
  • Cat toy

The Colorado Gives website is a secure place to make your pledge to keep us going. Tap here for Colorado Gives or on the button below and choose Guardian Angel Program under Donation Details.

Thank you from all the Happy Cats to come in 2021!

The Heritage Program provides ways to support our mission as well as a way to ensure your cat is cared for if he or she outlives you. If you don’t find an option in our Heritage Program which suits your wishes or needs, please contact us at 719-362-4600 to see if we can help with a customized option. Our tax ID# is 45-1633134.