Help for Clover

Little Clover was always the smallest in her family, but that never stopped her from being the first: the first to climb the cat tree, the first up the stairs, the first at everything as a kitten.

Her first foster mom Kris said she was curious, brave and always there to help supervise litter scooping :).

But when it came time to spay her, the vet found a significant heart murmur and recommended testing at the veterinary cardiologist once she was old enough.

Our Volunteer Manager Amber and husband Pat took her in to help her get strong enough for that.

Clover definitely found her voice with her new people! Even though she now tends to supervise more than play, she’s still a very active and opinionated little lady.

Whenever she feels out of sorts, off she goes to snuggle with her Cat Daddy, Pat.

While she does fine with other cats, she’s always ready to meet new people and has snuggles ready for them too.

We sometimes get kittens and cats whose tails bend over their backs, but no one has a tail quite like Clover! It’s long and sleek, just like her, and curls completely around in a circle! It’s very expressive and she uses it to pet her favorite people.

The cardiologist estimates the echocardiogram and medication will run about $700. We can’t tell you how long this sassy, smart little girl will have, but we do know she’s all in for all the love she can give while she’s here.

Please tap below to donate so she can have the best life we can give her. If you have room in your heart for little Clover, please call us at 719-362-4600 to meet her!

The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!