Give! the gift of warmth

Freezing and alone during a snowstorm last winter, little Smokey was rescued by an angel in an Amazon uniform. Amanda found this little love half-buried in a snowbank.

She carefully pulled him out, found a safe place in her van and called Happy Cats where we, of course, agreed to take him in. He was healthy and alert enough to ride around with her, among the delivery boxes, until the end of her shift when she could bring him in

Smokey in Amazon Truck after rescue

Once a normal sized cat, he weighed only 6 pounds when he came to us. We warmed him up using heating pads and cozy blankets. We also gave him fluids, food, and love. He immediately relaxed, knowing he was safe and warm.

After getting him stable, our partner vet examined him and found numerous medical items to address like hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and severe dental disease.

We found him a loving foster family, put him on a prescription diet, and started on hyperthyroid medication. To everyone’s delight, Smokey started putting on weight and gaining energy! He recovered so well we were able to get rid of those painful teeth with a complete dental procedure.

Once he felt better, he proved to be quite the adventure cat, ready to explore outside in his harness…strolling around, absorbing the sun and taking in all the summertime smells.

We are so happy that together we were able to Give! Smokey the gift of warmth, both physically and emotionally, starting at the haven, then into his loving foster home, and ultimately with his adoring forever family who love him more than anything!

Thank you for helping us provide for all the homeless cats and kittens that come through the doors of the Haven. Our little Happy Cats’ family is amazing and we are so grateful for everyone!

-The humans & kitties of Happy Cats Haven

Give! the Gift of Love, Safety, Time, Hope, & Family