Give! the gift of time

Give the gift of time - Kathy

In December 2020, Kathy’s owner fell ill and could no longer care for her so we welcomed her with open arms at the Haven. Showing herself to be a singleton, a kitty that isn’t fond of kitty friends, Kathy spent her days hanging out in our Foster Manager’s office dutifully supervising her and her volunteers!

She missed her owner, was sad and scared, and tended to mark the door where there was constant traffic during the day. While she was in her own office, she could still hear the other cats at night, something we later realized scared her more than we knew.

We tested her and ruled out everything but anxiety and some painful teeth. We gave her a dental and  a small daily dose of anti-anxiety medication. Our fabulous, and cutting edge, Onsite Behavior Team worked very closely with her which made all the difference!

We found her an even quieter room where she couldn’t hear the other kitties but could still have full access to her favorite humans! She had a steady stream of people who loved spending time with her: playing, grooming, reading, snuggling, and even taking trips on her harness. She also stopped having accidents and found her favorite type of litter box!

Happy Cats’ was able to Give! Kathy the gift of time. Time to process her grief. Time to find some peace in a hectic world. Time to show her true personality – loving, goofy, affectionate. Time to help her overcome her marking habit. And, time for the purrfect new family to find her!

In September, almost a year after arriving at the Haven, Kathy met her new Cat Dad who has since renamed her the very regal, Katherine the Great! He reports she is doing extremely well. She sleeps with every night him giving lots of cuddle time and he is so grateful to have her in his life!

We are so happy that together we were able to Give! Kathy, and all the cats like her, the gift of time without fear to show their true selves and find the right match for them! Thank you for helping us provide for all the homeless cats and kittens that come through the doors of the Haven. Our little Happy Cats’ family is amazing and we are so grateful for everyone!

-The humans & kitties of Happy Cats Haven

Give! the Gift of Love, Safety, Time, Hope, & Family