Foster Handbook: Moms & Kittens

Welcome to our volunteer Foster Program! Thank you for opening your heart and home to a rescued cat or kitten. With help from fosters just like you, Happy Cats Haven (HCH) has found loving families for thousands of abandoned cats and kittens since we started in 2011. We provide a safe environment for them to heal, grow and socialize until their forever homes are found.

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We are here to maximize the adoptability of every cat and kitten we take in:

Every interaction is a teachable moment.
Every interaction is either positive or negative,
and we aim for the positive.

We also follow the Five Cat Wishes, our basic Happy Cats principles:

See the world through their eyes.
Respect their body language.
Offer them choices by asking first, not forcing.
Connect with them by using their names.
Reward them with positive interactions.

Please see our Foster Handbook: Basic for information tailored more toward adult cat fostering.

  1. Who are our foster families?
  2. Who are our foster cats?
  3. Foster home setup
  4. Time commitment and responsibilities
  5. Medical care & treatments
  6. Cat equipment
  7. Keeping safe and healthy
  8. Fostering a pregnant cat or momcat & kittens
  9. Mother-kitten relationship
  10. Caring for orphaned kittens
  11. Introducing other animals
  12. Socializing kittens
  13. Non-adoptable behaviors
  14. Purchases
  15. The adoption process
  16. Kitten resources

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