Foster Handbook: adoption process

We have 3 basic criteria for adoptable cats and kittens.
  • They come to their names
  • They happily accept petting
  • They can be put into a carrier to go home

In addition, foster cats and kittens are ready for adoption when:

  • They are healthy and fully recovered from surgery and illness
  • They are weaned from their mother
  • They are over 2 pounds or 8-10 weeks old and spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped
  • There is room at Happy Cats Haven for them to meet their new family
At this point, your foster cats or kittens will be returned to HCH. We will try to match kittens to adopters while still in foster care. The foster cats or kittens should be returned to HCH for adoption or pre-matched with a potential adopter with a meet-&-greet. This can take place at HCH or at the foster home, if you’re comfortable with that.
Please fill out our Foster Return Form below before returning the kittens or cat. You know your cats the best so this helps us write the most complete bio we can using your details on each kitty….so they find their perfect family!
HCH advertises cats for adoption on our website and other online sites. Sometimes we make cats or kittens available online while they are still in foster care, with the foster parents’ permission.
In that case, the potential adopter will contact HCH for a visit. It is up to the foster parent whether the potential adopter visits the cat/kitten in the home or HCH. Adult cats are most relaxed in their foster home, but showing them there is optional.
Sometimes foster parents find people interested in adopting their foster cat or kitten. Please contact your Foster Manager first to arrange any visits and make sure they fill out an Adoption Application for HCH to begin the adoption process. They must be pre-approved before visiting the kittens or cats.
Please return dishes and litter boxes borrowed from HCH when the cat is returned to HCH if you won’t be fostering for a while.  Everything should be cleaned and disinfected and ready to be used by another foster cat. If you are taking a short break, please keep these items separate from your own supplies.


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