Be a Fairy Catmom!

Would you like to be a kitty hero? Your gift could make the difference in finding a happy home for our most fragile cats.

You may have heard the story of Ziggy and Zorro, the handsome Stache Bros. Their family could no longer care for them after Ziggy became diabetic.

But thanks to Happy Cats friend Paige Humpston, our original Fairy Catmom who sponsored Ziggy’s medication for a year, a loving family adopted them and were able to take over their care.

Their new catmom Erin says, “We are simply in love with the boys and feel so lucky to have gotten to make them part of our family. Your generosity is really what made this possible.”

Blue-eyed Bip came to us after he was abandoned on a property in the city and found trying to survive under a backhoe. He was declawed, starving, dehydrated and so matted his back was like a turtle shell.

Our partner vet Dr. Volz at Animal Clinic of Woodland Park estimated this senior gent to be around 12 and found that he had also developed diabetes. That made his back leg so painful he sometimes attacked himself.

Thanks to our loving foster families, including Carole at Colorado Cats Boarding, he’s now stabilized on insulin and pain medications. He loves going for walks, playing with his cat friends and purring on laps.

Bip already has one Fairy Catmom, our friend Sandi Smith. She says she was grateful for help when she adopted Wally & Cleo and wants to pay it forward for sweet Bip! So his insulin and pain medications will be covered for two months once he goes home.

Your further sponsorship of Bip could help a loving family afford his care so he has a loving home for his golden years. You’ll get monthly updates until he gets adopted and donations over $60 will receive a Guardian Angel pin!

Tap here to make your pledge or $30 gift for a month’s insulin, or pay it forward for the next needy cat. Go to DONATION DETAILS and tap on FAIRY CATMOM in the dropdown menu.

Big headbonks from Ziggy, Bip and all our other Happy Cats!