Happy Cats on the move!

Twila & Onxy are adopted!

We are partially moved into our new home at 327 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs and have even had our first adoption there, with sweet little Twila & Onyx!

Just 3 blocks west of the first Manitou exit, we will have ample free parking and lots of kittens and cats in another week or so.

We still have kitties at both locations now, so please call us at 719-362-4600 to arrange a visit with any of them.

We can’t say enough how grateful we are to everyone who has helped us make this transition!

Big purrs to Shannan Longley of Catagonia Cat Hotel for allowing us to house many of our kitties there while we packed up, as well as being wonderful hosts for our adoption fairs!

Biggest cuddles as always to Volunteer Coordinator Katherine for overseeing the whole cat-herding process and special thanks to Robin for coordinating with her to implement those wonderful moving protocols.

Trills to April and her co-workers from Keysight Technologies for first tackling the dusty upstairs so we had less to deal with downstairs.

Kitty kisses to our hard-working cleaners who prepared the way: Susi, Karla, Lisa P, Dana, Vannessa, Cliff, Hailey, Montana, Justin, Kimberly, Meg, Gloria, Kate, Janet, Lisa J, Misty & Laura. Several of you regularly help with daily cleaning, the backbone of keeping our kitties happy and healthy, so extra headbonks to you for doing double duty!

Trills and facepats to Connie, Joan, Pat and Charleen for all your planning and packing ahead and unpacking after, along with Judy & George, Lisa P, Kate, Mary and of course our hard-working staff Carole, Genesis, Charleen & Andrea.

Huge headbonks to Joe, Dan, Ben, Robin, Jeff and of course Ferg for their muscle, persistence and patience for the actual move!

Bronn & Gendry are adopted!

Spot is adopted!



Stewart & Georgie


Annie is adopted!

Mikka is adopted!

Shadow is adopted!