These Cats have been Adopted from Happy Cats Haven!


Well hello, I’m Swan! My friends call me Swanee and I’m a stunning white cat with calico patches […]

Swan is adopted!   Recently updated !

Hi there! I’m Chikara! They tell me my name means “strength” in Japanese. I’m an adorable mostly white […]

Chikara is adopted!

Meet Speck & Dot, our camo kittens! They were rescued from a scary situation trying to survive outside. […]

Speck & Dot are adopted!

Hi world, I’m Axel! I’m a sleek silver cat, one of the Rockstars here at Happy Cats. I […]

Axelis adopted!

Hi there, I’m Orchid! My friends call me Orchy and I’m a stunning silver tabby fellow with big […]

Orchidis adopted!

Hi! My name’s Libby! I’m an adorable little gray and white lady with expressive yellow-green eyes. I came to […]

Libbyis adopted!

Hiya! My name’s Frankie! I’m an adorable little tabby girl with beautiful buff coloring and soft, golden eyes. […]

Frankieis adopted!

Hello there, my name is Smokey. I am a gray and white domestic long hair with sweet green […]

Smokeyis adopted!

MRRRROW! My name is Tink and I am a talkative dude who loves to trade chats for pets! […]

Tinkis adopted!

Hi! My name’s Iggy! I’m a very handsome buff and white boy with unusual aqua eyes and soft, […]

Iggy is adopted!

Hi there! My name’s Charlie! I am an extremely handsome pure white boy with beautiful blue eyes which […]

Charlie is adopted!

Howdy, I’m Finnick! My friends call me Finn and I came here with my black cat family after […]

Finnick is adopted!

Hi. I am Branson. I am a short hair orange tabby male with golden-brown eyes. My sister and […]

Branson is adopted!

Hey, there. I am Sadie. I am a short hair grey tabby female with eyes like Summer green. […]

Sadie is adopted!

Hello! My name is Huxley. I am a grey and white domestic long hair boy with sea-green eyes. […]

Huxley is adopted!

Hi, my name is Grace! I am a dark grey and white, short hair female with crispy yellow-green […]

Grace is adopted!

Greetings fellow cat lovers. The name is Shauni and I am a sweet girl with beautiful long grey […]

Shauni is adopted!

Hi world, I’m Summer! I’m an adorable little tuxedo lady with a perfect hipster mustache. I came here […]

Summer is adopted!

Hi there! My name is Charlie and I am a handsome long hair brown tabby boy with some […]

Charlie is adopted!

Have you ever seen a calico more beautiful than I? Evelyn is the name, it’s nice to meet […]

Evelyn is adopted!

Hello, my name is Neely and I am part of a bonded pair with my daughter April. We […]

Neely is adopted!

Hi there! The name is April and I am a gorgeous long hair black kitty with striking golden […]

April is adopted!

Well hello there! The name is Emmitt and I am a happy boy ready to bring a new […]

Emmitt is adopted!

HIYA! The name is Honey Bea or Bea for short. I am the ultimate pirate cat with one […]

Bea is adopted!

Hi there. Handsome boy Mackie here wishing you a good day. I am a very distinguished black kitty […]

Mackie is adopted!

Dear friend, my name is Dwayne. I look like a Russian Blue without having any of the fancy […]

Dwayne is adopted!

Hi there! My name’s Tiny! I’m a very handsome orange tabby boy with stunning golden eyes. I came […]

Tiny is adopted!

Hi! My name is Roxanne. I am a domestic short hair, brown tabby with honey-brown eyes. I am […]

Roxanne is adopted!

Howdy! The name is Max and I am a handsome medium haired grey boy with soft yellow eyes […]

Max is adopted!

Hi there! The name is Jack Black and I sleek house panther with bright golden eyes and very […]

Jack Black is adopted!

Hi there, my name is Dair. I am handsome tabby boy with the cutest little button nose. You […]

Dair is adopted!

Hi there! Don’t let the magnificent full white mustache fool you but I am an elegant long haired […]

Isadora is adopted!

Hi! I am mavis, a short hair grey and white patch tabby with Earth-green eyes. I am part […]

Mavis is adopted!

Hi, my name is Eddy. I am a grey, short hair tabby with moss-green eyes that match my […]

Eddy is adopted!

Purr-leasure to meet you. My name is Pike – after the local brewery not the peak. I’ve lived […]

Pike is adopted!

Hi there! the name is Princess Leia! Judging from my puffy smiling cheeks and my sweet golden eyes […]

Princess Leia is adopted!

Hiya! My name is Chestnut, but my friends call me Chessie! I am a gorgeous long hair lady […]

Chestnut is adopted!

Hi there! My name is Patches and I am a sweet white and grey spot girl with the […]

Patches is adopted!

Hello, my name is Sweetie! I am a a long haired lynx point Siamese mix. I love belly […]

Sweetie is adopted!

Hi there, my name is Clover! I am very much a people’s cat with lots of confidence. I […]

Clover is adopted!

Well hiya! The name is Butterscotch and I am sweet just like butterscotch candy! I bright golden eyes […]

Butterscotch is adopted!

Hi there! The name is Elsa! I am an elegant long haired tabico with a heart of gold! […]

Elsa is adopted!

Carmel is the name and being an adorable little torti-girl is my game! I have lots of playful […]

Carmel is adopted!

Heya, the name is Jose! I am a handsome grey furred boy with medium length fur! My golden […]

Jose is adopted!

Hi! My name’s Oreo! Like my name suggests, I am a very handsome black and white boy with […]

Oreo is adopted!

Hi! My name is Callie and I am a drop dead gorgeous calico girl with bright blue eyes, […]

Callieis adopted!

Good day! The name is Echo and I am a handsome fellow with long silvery fur and soft […]

Echo is adopted!

My name is Velvet and my longer fur is luxuriously soft because I put a lot of effort […]

Velvet is adopted!

Hi there! My name is Blaze and I am a handsome seal point Siamese with bright blue eyes. […]

Blaze is adopted!