Black Cat Appreciation Day

Rocket wants to help us celebrate August 17th… Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We love our black beauties! So far this year, we have found loving homes for over 150 black or mostly black cats and kittens.

We’re keeping the happiness going by offering $50 adoption fees for all our black, mostly black and dilute black (gray!) adults through August. Please tap on their photos for more info and here for an Adoption Application.


One of our Glampers who started life outside, this sassy and smart little lady is just waiting for the right person to appreciate her!

Lala & Tink

This pair of siblings has been through a rough patch, but have come out the other side with their joy and confidence intact. They’re just happy to be among people who love them and will give back that love in spades! Tabby Tink of course gets to go home with her bonded brother as an honorary black cat.


Our man Taro qualifies as a dilute black cat, with his handsome gray tabby coat and bright green eyes. He’s been bullied before, so a quiet home where you can hear his happy purrs will bring out his best.


Our little Bowie girl has come such a long way from the terrified kitten she was when she was brought to us. She loves to play and be brushed and will purr her little whiskers off for you!


Smokey is another soft dilute black (gray) cat, with the solid coat of his cousins the Russian Blues. He is one lucky gent, rescued near death from a snowbank last winter where he was spotted by a kind Amazon driver. He’s quite the adventure cat who wants to be your One & Only.

Otter & Junebug

This pair of young cats are the odd couple, with tabby tuxedo Junebug’s Party Animal antics helping sweet black tuxedo Otter to be brave. Both will likely be in charge of your social obligations at home, following you around and supervising you with playtime and purrs.

We have other black cats waiting to come in, so keep checking this page through August 31st! Until then, please enjoy a portfolio of some of our 2021 happy adopted black cats…

Bean & Bacon

Sweet Pea

Patches & Punkin


Thorn & Rose



Muffin & Emmy

Hershey, Whip & Dunkin