A celebration for Bill

We are sad to say that Happy Cats friend Bill Beard recently passed away. He was the architect of our new home in Manitou Springs, Planet Happy Cat.

His thoughtful aesthetic and commitment to sustainability, plus his enviable ability to blend all our ideas and wishes with best practices from Dr Robertson of Koret School of Shelter Medicine, gave us this wonderful new space to do our good work.

Bill was a boundless source of passion and curiosity, the sort of friend who makes you grateful to have walked this earth with.

Not everyone gets the chance to create environments that make life richer and more loving, but Bill made the most of his gifts.

Along with the many churches he designed, including the lovely Benet Hill Monastery where his life celebration was held, he leaves a legacy of built-in kindness and comfort for all our cats to come, as well as for all the people who care for them.

Bill & Connie’s granddaughter Riley Rose, who was born over a decade after they lost their family dog, Maggie, told her parents she saw Maggie with Papa Bill after he died.

We take comfort in knowing that all our favorite fellow travelers will be at that bridge for us too…including you, Bill.