Beat the Heat Spay/Neuter Fund

We got the call from a local motel about a flood of feral cats living in their parking lot. Our TNR Coordinator Barb mobilized her team to help. They found dozens of cats and kittens when they got there: starving, sick and even unresponsive like this little one.

It took the whole TNRCares team, but soon 16 kittens were rescued and 14 cats had been trapped, neutered and returned to their colony.

Our staff and foster families also went into overdrive with the kittens, spending long hours gently cleaning and medicating them until their eyes were open again and their upper respiratory infections and parasites were under control.

The adults will be cared for by a colony manager, but all the kittens will need to be medicated, fixed, vaccinated and microchipped so they can be ready for adoption in the coming weeks.

Our Beat the Heat Fund helps us rescue kittens like Lucky and prevent the suffering of thousands more when we get surgeries for everyone.

The average cost of a spay or neuter is now $70, so we need help keeping up with situations like Lucky’s, as well as with Teen Moms like Butterfly. You can see how hard it is when a catolescent has kittens to raise who are nearly as big as her. Now imagine trying to do that outside with no shelter or food!

Your gift will help us make sure every kitten is a wanted kitten!

Every dollar helps us be part of the solution for feline overpopulation. The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!