Bandit & Skittles


Funny Valentine, Kitty Secretary


Adult, Senior


Male, Male & Female bonded pair

Adoption Fee


Meet Bandit & Skittles, a lucky pair of cats who found a May-December romance here at the Haven! Bandit is the big tabby fellow with neat white patches and Skittles is his silver tabby girlfriend.

Bandit came to us after being rescued from trying to survive outside, as you can see by his eartipped badge of courage. His guardian brought him inside and he lived there happily for 10 years until she decided to leave the country.

He was very scared when he first came to us, with the hustle and bustle of shelter life. It wasn’t until we gave him his own quieter room and time with our loving behavior team that he started to blossom.

Bandit is an observant guy. He appreciates a formal introduction to make sure new humans are safe before he interacts with you, going slowly and quietly. He’s the purrfect example of our saying, “Let the cat pet you.” He likes to set the tone of how long and how close he interacts, but once he trusts you, he’s happy to snuggle in next to you with healing purrs.

Sunny Skittles also came to us after being rescued outside by a different Good Samaritan. We wondered if Bandit would soften if he had a cat friend and took our time introducing her.

Our matchmaking was a success and she won him over! When he’s grumpy, she’s happy, always keeping things light with her purrs and playfulness. We expect her to be the Kitty Secretary, ready to meet you at the door and follow you around, then snuggle on your lap when you need kitty therapy too.

They can often be found cuddling together and grooming each other. They’re good at taking turns playing too.

In spite of being technically a senior, Bandit turns into a big kitten whenever you get out the Cat Catcher. He loves to run and pounce with the best of them! And since Skittles is only a little over a year, she’s always ready for playtime.

Since they had rough times on the street, both will do better in a quieter home with no active children or dogs. They may do OK with other cats with a slow introduction, but would prefer to be your only kitties.

Bandit especially will need to have a Safe Room where he can go when he needs quiet time, with comfortable hiding spots, vertical perches and his favorite blankets.   They have their favorite scruffy cat tree that can come with them, if you don’t want to provide a new one.

Both are treat motivated, especially with freeze dried salmon or chicken. They both like to be brushed.

These BFFs come with a home installation by a volunteer from our behavior team to help set up Bandit to be as happy as Skittles is They also come with a Feliway plugin to calm them and their comforting cat tree, if you like, to help with their transition!

They can be adopted together for $125, thanks to our Friends and Family discount, sponsored by Petco Love! It also includes their neuter & spay, vaccinations, microchips, food and litter starter kits and a free well-kitty checkup for each kitty to help you get started.

You can tap here to fill out an Adoption Application. Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. Please call 719-362-4600 to make an appointment to meet them!