Welcome AcroCats!

We are proud to once again sponsor Samantha Martin and her Amazing AcroCats! She will be here with her troupe of trained circus cats on Sunday and Monday, July 20th & 21st at Stargazer’s Theatre.

Yes, that’s right. Trained. Circus. Cats.

Samantha uses many of the same techniques we use to help our shelter cats regain their confidence…to create some of the most confident cats on the planet. You’ll see skateboarding cats, high wire cats, acrobatic cats, the world’s only cat-only rock band and even a trained chicken. Oh, and don’t forget the flag-waving groundhog.

Samantha’s animals do this because they love to, not because they’re forced to. As we say with the clicker play we teach, her animals are her partners, not her subjects. And in this case, they’re her family too. There are no circus cages here.

Even onstage, her stars always have a choice. Cats will be cats, even trained ones, and often things don’t go quite as planned. Samantha is quite the comedienne and uses their surprises to good effect, making great fun of it all. The show is perfect for all ages. Don’t miss it!