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Melly originally came to us from another shelter where she had been caged for far too long. She is an opinionated, smart little girlboss who just needed the time to get us all trained on Melly’s Rules for Living.

These included our usual Let the Cat Pet You with the addendum Only Pet the Cat When She Agrees. And also Watch Carefully for Sudden Non-compliance and Daily Playtime Required.

Over time, and with the loving help of our crackerjack Behavior Team, she also taught us about the No Other Animals Allowed rule and the Outside Time Also Required rule.

Fortunately, Carol had lived with and loved a cat with a similar strong personality, so when she came to visit Melly, she was prepared and intrigued. Janet, our Behavior Volunteer who had been Melly’s best student, was able to give her a crash course in Melly’s Rules and Melly won her over.

Melly couldn’t be any happier in her new home with Carol! She is the queen of their castle which has helped her relax more and more. She asks for more petting every day and even cuddles on her chest at night. Her outside time is even better with deer reality TV and she is so happy she’s even making new rules!

Melly loves to share lap time with Carol to watch TV. Carol showed her that it wasn’t all boring people stuff, so now Melly has added a new rule about including cat videos in their screen time. Good thing we didn’t teach her how to control that remote 😬.

Thank you Carole for giving this sassy little lady another chance to get her humans completely trained. And biggest headbonks to our Behavior Team who loved and worked with her for months and to our donors who give us the time to devote to special cats like Melly!

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