Hopper heals a broken heart

Little Hopper came to Happy Cats when he was rescued from trying to survive outside with the rest of his Famous Artist family. His loving foster family confirmed that he was a Cat’s Cat, who got along well with other kitties.

Betsi and Tom had adopted a pair of kitties from us before, two of the Glampers who were also rescued from trying to survive outside. Sadly, they lost Kinny and were looking for a friend for Butterstotch.

They told us, “We were so happy with the kittens and the process at Happy Cats. Andrea was awesome, and Butterstotch and Good Luck nee Kinny, were such a joy — so well socialized and sweet beyond words.”

Lucky for Butterstotch, Hopper came along at just the right time. Butterstotch has become Hopper’s best friend and big brother, cuddling and playing.

Betsi and Tom tell us he’s just a big a sweetheart as their other Happy Cats. We love seeing those Happy Cats logo reenactments!