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Kitten Season is in full swing in Colorado Springs! Our rescued kittens arrived in a wave and we are getting them ready for adoption as fast as we can!

Adoption fees are $100 and as always, our Friends & Family Discount lets them go home in bonded pairs for a total of $150 for two. They also come with their spays or neuters, applicable vaccinations, microchips, food & litter starter kit and a free well-kitty checkup each with one of our wonderful partner vets.

Please fill out an Adoption Application and drop by to meet them Thursday evening 5-8, Friday & Saturday 12-5 and Sunday 2-5 for walk-in hours.

Or let us know who you’re looking for so we can set up a personalized appointment for you to have them all to yourself at your convenience!

Please note these kittens are representative of what we have coming in from foster care but we can’t guarantee their availability. 

Please keep checking back as we usually have more kittens than we can keep up with for photos!

Pop & Oskar

Located at Pet Supplies Plus on Austin Bluffs! Oskar is a rowdy little dude who loves in-your-face style cuddling. He will follow you around the house begging for attention and treats. Pop is a little more independent, but loves to curl up in your lap. Pop is very playful and especially loves feather wand toys. They have both been introduced to a harness and leash and are both fully litter box trained. Both cats are extremely friendly with everyone they meet including cat-friendly dogs, young children, and other cats, so will be a great addition to any loving family. 


Chloe is a loving little white & silver tabby.  She likes to trade pets for purrs but like most kittens, isn’t crazy about being held for a long time.  She is also very playful and held her own with her siblings, so should do well with other cat-friendly pets with a gentle introduction. She’ll probably do better with older children. 

Tux & Stache are ADOPTED!

Could there be any cuter tuxedo bookends?! These bonded siblings love to play and cuddle and are learning how to share with their people. 

Luxor is ADOPTED!

Lux is a handsome white patched ginger tabby boy who will probably be your best Kitty Secretary, following you around to supervise. He loves cuddling with the dog in his foster home and should do great in any family. Call us at 719-362-4600 to arrange for him to come in from foster and meet you. 

Rocky & Possum are ADOPTED!

These two bonded tabby brothers appreciate a gentle touch and will reward you with purrs and head-bonks. A bit shy at first, they’ll both blossom into their best selves with older children and no dogs please.

Randy & Sandy ARE ADOPTED!

This bonded pair of beautiful ginger siblings are a loving and cuddly duo. Sandy takes the lead but Randy makes up for it in snuggles. They were raised with other cats, kids and dogs so should fit right in with your family too.

Cheesecake is ADOPTED!

Another of our Babycakes, Cheesecake also appreciates getting to know you before he gives his heart away. Playtime is his fave but he’ll cuddle once he’s tuckered out. He’s great with other cats but will do best in a family with older children and no dogs to keep him gaining in confidence.

Sadie is ADOPTED!

Sadie is a gorgeous little longhaired tortoiseshell tortie, a true torbie! She’s a confident little lady who was raised with other cats, kids and dogs so should fit right in with your family too.


Bobby is ADOPTED!

Little Bobby is the last Talladega Boy, the white patch tabby with the cutest white tipped tail. Also ready to go home to just about any family. 


Popsicle is ADOPTED!

Sweet little silver tuxedo Popsicle would love to have a gentle big cat sister or brother. She starts purring the minute you say her name and will probably blossom into a wonderful little Kitty Secretary. Should do fine in any home but prefer one with older children and quieter dogs. 

Beefcake is ADOPTED!

The first of our Babycakes, handsome white patch buff boy Beefcake is a Snuggle Bunny who loves to shower you with purrs. A little shy at first, he’ll grow into his confident self in a family with older children and no dogs but should do great with other cats. 

Carrot Cake is ADOPTED!

A bit shy at first, this white patch ginger boy loves to snuggle once playtime is over, rolling over into your hand as he purrs. He’ll do best in a family with older children and no dogs but should do great with other cats. 

Dallas is Adopted!

Another one of our confident Texas Tykes, medium haired black Dallas will be one of the first to meet you at the door with purrs. He loves everyone and should fit in with any family. 

El Paso is ADOPTED!! 

El Paso thinks he’s the leader of his clowder and may take a little slower introduction to other animals. He’s just as loving as his siblings and should fit in with just about any family too. 

Amarillo is ADOPTED!

Amarillo is a confident little dilute sortie girl who is ready to take on the world. She will fit right into any family with purrs and playtime. 

Austin is ADOPTED!

Austin is a sweet little longhaired buff boy who gets along with everyone. He should also fit in with any family, but will definitely need a cat friend if he doesn’t get adopted with one of his siblings. 

Pretzel is ADOPTED!

Mirage is ADOPTED!

Wynn is ADOPTED!

Pudding is ADOPTED!

Dot & Speck are ADOPTED!

Jackson is ADOPTED!


Bonnie is ADOPTED!


Franklin & Rosalind ARE ADOPTED!

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2 thoughts on “Available kittens

  • Lydia

    Interested in Oskar or Pop! Are they still available? Assuming male? I have a 2 y/o snow shoe (Memphis) and looking for a partner in crime for him. He is ready to be a big brother and needs some mine to hang out with during the day while I am at work. I can only take on 1 right now so looking for a little guy that can be a great little brother to my first fur baby Memphis. Also interested in a slightly older cat if any available. I also am in a weird holding pattern in my living situation. I am moving in anywhere from a month to a month and a half. Want to be considerate of too much transition for the new little guy too. New landlord aware that I am looking for a little bro for Memphis and is ok with pets.

    • Sara Post author

      Hi Lydia, You might want to submit an Adoption Application after your move is settled so your new kitty can settle in too. Oskar is a boy and should be available in the next couple of weeks but we also have dozens more kittens in foster care who should be available after your move.