One Year with Murray Lasagna!

Murray at home
On the 17th of this month, October, we will have had Murray (who was named Lasagna at Happy Cats Haven) for one year. He is such a sweet and happy cat! He is laid back and loves attention. He has buddied up with our smallest cat, Da Vinci – who is also male, and helped bring the little guy out of his shell.

Murray has helped Da Vinci be more brave and outgoing. Murray is “friends” with every cat we have (we have 4 total). He talks and plays and lounges like he owns the place and we love him dearly. Thank you Happy Cats! It has been a great year and we know we have many more to come.

Murray @ Home
Murray @ Home

Cat Commando t-shirt

[Thank you to Laura and family for giving Murray such a wonderful home. Murray’s happy face is the one we’re using for our popular Cat Commando t-shirts, so he’s famous too!]

Laura Nelson