Elliot & Barbara

Ellicat @ Happy Cats
Elliot the Big Cat came to Happy Cats when his family had a baby, who turned into a toddler, who turned into someone who made Elliot anxious. He was so stressed he went outside his box, so his family moved him to the garage.

Ellicat & Lizzy
He was a senior when he came to Happy Cats, a big, lanky orange tabby with white vest and boots. We quickly found that he ducked when we used his name, so we found a hybrid name to use, Ellicat. He was very unhappy at first and almost stopped eating. We got him settled in his new routine, but he remained very watchful. Other cats tried to befriend him, including sweet Lizzy, but he just wasn’t that into them.

He was adopted once and returned because he just couldn’t tolerate being left alone for long periods of time, probably taking him back to being abandoned in the garage.

Ellicat @ home

It turns out he was just waiting for the perfect person to come along. Barbara was looking for a single cat, someone who would be her one and only…which was just what Ellicat needed too!

Ellicat @ home

He and Barbara have the perfect life together. He is so recovered that he even accepted his old name back. Barbara lives in a lovely place with nice quiet grounds and Elliot gets to go on walks. He’s happy to see visitors and glad to come home to his comfy warm couch and Barbara’s gentle touch.

Elliot goes for a stroll
Elliot & Barbara

Elliot’s story of a cat with litter box issues is one of many at Happy Cats, cats who would never have been given a second chance elsewhere. They usually just need to find a home and family to replace their stress with love. We’re so glad to see Elliot’s familiar, happy face!

Barbara & Ellicat

Ellicat & Barbara @ home