Ben and Jerry


Ben and Jerry came to Happy Cats as two kitten brothers needing to find a home. Jerry was found to have a serious heart condition and his outlook didn’t look good. A wonderful family adopted them, with the understanding that Jerry’s heart condition may not get any better. However, they offered to give the both of them a loving and caring home.

Their new family says, “Ben and Jerry have settled right in. I work from home and their routine is to spend a goodly amount of the day with me in my office “helping”. They sit on the desk and chase my mouse pointer across my computer monitors, nap under the desk lamp (warm) and curl up together in an upholstered chair for more serious naps. They also have their “pet me” times that they spend on my lap or climbing up on my shoulders to sit for awhile. They are lovely, well mannered and loving cats.”

Great job, Ben and Jerry!