Murray Lasagna is making friends

We had 4 cats, but lost our older male in August 2013. Since then, our female has been mean to our younger male. We adopted Lasagna from Happy Cats Haven on October 4th, to even out the male/female ratio in our home and to give Lasagna a good home too. We renamed him Murray and he comes to his new name now.

Murray is so sweet! He does what we call the, “Stop, Flop, and Roll” every time you try to pet him. It’s as if he is saying, “Ok. Here is my belly!” He does the same to all of the other cats as an effort to make friends.

These last few days, there are fewer hisses when he is close. Murray and Da Vinci, our other male have even sat closely on the couch with my husband at night. This morning, Murray got on the bed with Rosie, our Alpha female. One little hiss, and then they both just laid there calmly. I think our cats are getting used to our new boy. We certainly love him! Thank you for keeping him safe until we found him.

Laura Nelson